Need both heating and cooling

Living on the Bible Belt, I find a great air conditioner is a must  as is a great heater, but further north, you might be able to get away without an air conditioner because the Summers just do not get that hot, when they do, they don’t stay hot for long. However, people in the north literally cannot live without a great gas furnace because they would freeze to death.  The south is just the opposite. The the heat of Summer makes a great air conditioner a must but some can live without a heater. But here in the middle we get the best and the worst of both worlds. we get frigid Winter seasons and roasting Summers. Obviously, this means we need a great HVAC system. A gas furnace to handle it when it gets to be below zero and an air conditioner for those hot, humid days too. This mean that my electric bill is constantly high. Other places HVAC  systems get to take a few months out of the year, but my HVAC unit runs almost 24/7, year around. For this reason, I am wondering if I have the best system for me. I am looking into HVAC units that claim to split your electric bill in half. It would take a few years, but if that is true, a new HVAC system would pay for itself in only two years. It would be fantastic to not feel guilt every time I hear the air conditioner or gas furnace kick on. Maybe I will just have to move anywhere that only has one temperature extreme instead of two.

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