Need a good heater for the wedding

My fiance and I are right in the middle of planning our big day. The time seems to be flying by as we consider just how many things that we have to get done in such a short amount of time. It’s starting to stress me out completely. So when our heating and air conditioning system broke down last week, I just couldn’t believe how bad the timing was. At the time, we hadn’t yet come into the hottest part of the summer. But by the time of the wedding and reception, we will be right in the peak of the summer heat. Now our ‘to do’ list became even longer, not to mention the added cost to our budget. As if I wasn’t stressed out enough! I truly don’t know how we are going to be able to accomplish everything. My fiance and I agreed the Heating and Air Conditioning repairs are the priority for now. But I called our local HVAC supplier, they told me that they wouldn’t be able to get someone out for two weeks! So I  booked the appointment, but as the time approaches, I am getting more worried that we might not have air conditioning in time for the truly hot and humid weather. I even called four other Heating and Air Conditioning companies in the area to inquire to the wait time for an appointment. But I was out of luck. Two would have the same wait time, and the other two had a longer wait. I guess our air conditioner broke at the peak season like everybody else’s. I couldn’t believe it! At least we have plenty of time before the HVAC contractor comes to our house. That way we can figure out who will be able to be here to let him in. It will also give us some time to save our money in the hope that we will be able to afford the repairs.


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