Need a decent heater unit

After several incredibly long years at university I have finally successfully graduated and since I had no immediate plans lined up whatsoever I moved back condo to figure things out while in the season of the Winter. I needed the break to be honest, and it has turned out to be particularly been great to see our parents and siblings again. However, that being said, now that I have been back here for a few months I really feel like I cannot wait to get back out of here. Sometimes you forget why exactly you wanted to leave a stadium to begin with but once that initially cold weather front moved in I remembered the reasons all too well. It gets brutally cold up here and without a great furnace or fireplace in your home, you are screwed. Literally you need to realize that everything outdoors freezes over while in the Winter and there are just a few afternoons that you can’t do anything for hours except stand inside and wait for the weather to finally warm up a bit. A human cannot last more than a few moments out in those -20 degree conditions without protective gear. We have a nicely maintained furnace and fireplace at our parents so all of us are in no outright danger of chilly any time soon, but the inability to go anywhere outdoors for periods of time is maddening. This is a pretty distant cry from where I went to school, where not having an a/c in your bedroom makes things totally unbearable. I am now looking at some long distance job openings that will easily require relocating to a more temperate temperature.


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