Need a/c in a hospital

I have been working as an intern for a local HVAC provider for the past year and I have seen a lot of different issues. However it has been really interesting to learn about all the different types of systems on the market today. I have been able to help with installations, repairs, and even the design for a new building across town. Honestly, I had no idea how complex the industry really was.  I just never considered how hard it was to get the system working perfectly for our customers. This week, I shadowed my boss at the local hospital. This was so interesting to me! Hospitals rely on HVAC providers at such a critical level. I can’t believe I never thought of this before. Of course, when they perform surgeries, their operating rooms have to be at a cooler temperature to keep the germs away, air conditioning is then harshly critical! My boss told me that their servicing of the hospitals is ongoing, sometimes dozens of times in a single month. In a way, we are responsible for lives. Our company is constantly changing out air filters, checking on the parts within the units themselves and making repairs. My boss told me that if they have any doubt about a part, an air filter or even the temperature control, they will update it. So, that is what my job was today with my boss. He took me to each floor and showed me the in depth process of servicing the hospital HVAC systems. He taught me what a hospital air filter should look like, which in retrospect was entirely different from the one I had practiced on back at the shop.

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