My schooling was intense

My neighbors, once again, have a parade of contractors coming and going.  They are getting estimates on their latest home improvement and I have to admit, I am a little jealous.  This type of thing seems to happen every year after they visit the local home show and see the newest technology to make their home the best place possible. Last year they added on a sunroom to the back of their loft and they really seem to enjoy it during the spring and summer. Meanwhile, I  wish that we were in a position to make upgrades but we simply can’t right now. Right now, we are barely keeping our heads above water and maybe in a few years we can start to make some improvements. Anyway, it seems that the newest upgrade the neighbors are doing has to do with their HVAC system.  The trucks I see coming and going are all local HVAC dealers and they seem to be measuring the new sunroom. I know when I spoke with them at the time the added the structure they were not planning on putting in any sort of climate control, I guess they have decided to upgrade the space so that they can use it more often.  If they put in one of those new mini split components, they can control it separately from the rest of the house. That is what I would do if it were my sunroom. Those units are compact and hang on the wall, they can keep the sunroom comfortable and be a separate zone. Maybe I should go over and make that suggestion and check out what they are doing.

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