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It is now the first week of May, plus the weather is still entirely  random. We’ll get a few moments with sunshine, followed by days of frigid rain.  Sometimes the temperature soars into the mid-eighties, with gross humidity, but us then it falls right back down into the low fifties.  Although the honeysuckle are in full flower, the lilacs have sprouted, we’re still seeing reminders of frost in the dawn. Last weekend, I had no option but to cut the grass.  The yard was really high, but it was so frigid outside that I wore my Winter season jacket. Keeping the condo comfortable has been quite a job. After an entirely lengthy while severe Winter months, I just so want to flip off the gas furnace.  It would be awesome to open the doors, get some clean air, plus avoid a ridiculously high energy bill for a few billing cycles. I’ve managed to crack the windows on some of the warmer afternoons, but when the sun goes away, it gets so brutal in the condo that I am wanting to start the heating system up.  I’m sure the circle of on & off of the gas heater isn’t fantastic for it. My condo was not made with a central cooling unit, but I do have a small air conditioner for the bedroom. I’ve already bought it, so I frequently turn it on at evening. Despite the chill, I care about the soothing sound of the cooling unit plus the love the air flowing.  It removes the sounds of traffic and shouts, plus I like being under a heavy blanket. However, running my small air conditioner at the same instance the gas furnace is going seems a bit wasteful. I am concerned the summer will never get warm and it will be cold, yuck & wet all summertime. Since we managed 4 months of freezing season, it would be a blessing to get a couple weeks of hot weather, I’d just wish them to be sunny and clear..  

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