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My boyfriend, Sam, works in the service department of a local college.  Because of all that his job requires of him, he’s become skilled in a wide range of services.  He’s able to install and repair a central cooling system, give service for a boiler system, repair leaky pipes, and handle electrical concerns.  Sam is constantly helping me out with home remodeling, upkeep and hasty malfunctions. I try never to take advantage of his generosity, and consistently return the favor by helping him with things like laundry, cooking, and running errands.  I warned Sam that he should never let my family know how handy he is in the household? I come from a overwhelmingly large family, and it seems like someone randomly has a problem with their plumbing, wiring or Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C system in their house.  Since these services can be costly, my family often asks for free help. Sam is just a super nice guy, and when my mother’s gas furnace quit while having us over for dinner, he volunteered to repair it. He went out to his truck, brought in his tools and proceeded to take the heating plan apart.  Within half an hour, he had the gas furnace running perfectly and it didn’t cost my mother anything. Since then, my brothers and siblings have continually called Sam for everything from replacing a heat pump to installing an air cleaner. He’s cleaned the cooling coil on my older sibling’s air conditioner and upgraded the combustion assembly on my younger brother’s gas furnace.  He’s recently helped my grandfather install an entire ductless system. Nobody offers to pay him, and they are taking up all of our dating time.

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