My husband needs a lot of a/c

My business partner, best friend, and company owner are all the same person. He mocked myself and others when I began my own business to work at home. But now he is honestly impressed. My sales grew by 1000% last year, so much so that I had to acquire someone to assist me. Who better to assist myself and others out then my own hubby, who I don’t need to declare as an official employee? From day one, he has supported me in this venture, and now that he works for me, he pours his entire life into this company. However, we still have our disagreements sometimes. The guy insists on running the furnace consistently, no matter how warm it gets. Something about his internal body temperature is out of control. Even when he is sitting right under an furnace vent, he still complains about being cold. I strived to accommodate his needs and dress with less, but how crazy is it to put on a shorts and a t-shirt while the furnace is blasting away? Finally, I discovered the people I was with and I each had to have our own office, because with the zone control function on our smart temperature control the people I was with and I can set other rooms at other uneven temperatures. Sow he can find pleasure in the full brunt of the heating system, while I keep my office more than nine or even twelve degrees colder. He still protests about how cold it is, but the AC keeps him warmer than he used to be. For his birthday, I guess I will get him a portable space heater so he can double up on his heating power.

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