My house is full of hair

My brother is literally going to lose his mind when he comes home. My brother moved to the south when he graduated college a few years ago. He now has lived in the south for five years, and has completely adjusted to the weather down there. He runs A/C all year long to make his house super cold. If it is even moderately cold, he is in full Winter season gear… These past years my brother has only come home to visit our parents and I in the Spring or Summer. My family comes to him for Christmas. This year my brother has decided to come home for Christmas. I am looking forward to this, I really think he is going to die. He just can’t handle temperatures lower than 50 degrees anymore. A 50 degree day is a regular Fall day for me. My family does not even turn on the furnace for that. I walk outside without shoes on those afternoons. In the Winter, we get temperatures ranging from 30 degrees to around 5 degrees. My brother has not had to deal with severe cold in awhile. He is going to die… Also, he’s staying with my husband and I and our furnace is not that powerful. Our house has a gas fireplace that occasionally shuts off when it feels like it. We did put a tiny electric furnace in the living room, but it’s so old it barely works. Upstairs every bedroom has a furnace that is attached to our chimney, but they don’t work unless the fireplace is going. Needless to say, our heating situation is not the best. I can’t wait to see my brother bundled up, whining about how cold it is. Then I get to tease him about being too soft.

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