My home has heavy a/c

The other day I was watching an older movie and they were dripping with sweat when they were sitting in the carriages. When the girls walked into the house, they were genuinely coquettish & they acted like they had just step out of a furnace. I said there was no way I could live like that.  How could they cram so many people into a house that didn’t have any air conditioning! On a day they said was the hottest day they had dealt with in years? They were elbow to elbow, all drinking & they only had a hand fan to cool them off. The men were dressed in long johns & knee pants. They had ascots that were slim on their necks with long sleeve coats. They all had powdered wigs on. I was hot & uncomfortable just looking at all of those people. I’ll bet that when they filmed that movie, they had a ton of fans pointing at them. They must have at least a dozen air conditionings around the area, or one of those entirely heavy commercial air conditioning systems.  When the one woman swooned, I began to wonder if it was entirely in the script or maybe they didn’t have the HVAC unit on. She just fainted, that would have made the film even more real. All in all, it was a wonderful film, despite the fact that I decided that all because they may not have had air conditioning, I knew had a perfectly fantastic air conditioning right behind me and I was going to enjoy using it!

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