My heating routine at night

Living paycheck to paycheck is how I’ve been throughout my life, and it means sometimes finding myself in a bit of an interesting pinch. Often times it means getting creative and thinking a little outside of the box to get by for a month or more. Fortunately, I’ve become very superb at this over the years. There was 1 time when I was very young and living on my own in my late teens when my roommate had used up all of the oil on the us. All of us always told them to shut it off when they went to work and to keep it below a certain temperature, however she never listened. So 1 bad day my guy and I came home to find the home at 40 degrees and the oil tank empty. All of us had only $40 between us, just enough to get by until the two of us got paid at the end of the week… I tried calling and seeing if we could at least schedule the oil delivery for the day the two of us got paid, so that way we weren’t waiting for any additional days without the oil heat, however they wouldn’t supply it without getting paid at least half up front or running a credit card, neither of which the two of us had. All of us didn’t want to deal with an electric area heater, as those were high-priced for a safe 1 and we were both concerned about a home fire. We ended up buying a nice little electric blanket, then even without the oil gas furnace, that little electric blanket kept us cozy. All of us just had to have to some meals on the couch that month to stay warm until the all us had enough cash for the next oil delivery.

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