My day at the ER

I have been struggling with a cough for the entire fall season, it has been non-stop… Just when I am starting to get better, it comes back on with force! My fiance keeps bugging me to go to the doctor, although I think that is crazy. It is just a cough. This month he was fed up with my constant hacking and so he took me to the ER. He and I were there forever, they did tons of blood tests, gave me fluid as well as even took an MRI. I was so surprised to find out that I did not just have a dry weather cough! They found tracings of mold in my bronchia.  I just didn’t understand how that could have happened, however he told me it likely came from our heating system. I thought my fiance was being responsible about taking care of the air filter changes. I had supposed the annual service checks and repair calls with our local HVAC technician were enough. I was just not sure how this could have happened. The doctor explained that our weather has been taking some very weird turns. The dry frost will come on for a few nights, when we need to access the heating then, within the same day, it will become very hot and humid and we have to run the A/C. He said that there is no simple way to stop the growth of mold with these off weather conditions. He has been seeing more than ten such cases as mine in the ER in the past week. I had to stay overnight for breathing treatments, but my fiance went back to the house and cleaned out all of the air filters with the Heating & A/C worker. The mold was everywhere.

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