My condo is awesome

My friends and I take a trip together every couple years perhaps. We get so caught upward with work and our families it’s important that we take time to just relax and travel somewhere relaxing and fun if our free time lines up right. Last year we decided to go deep sea fishing. We had a lot of fun, the fishing itself turned out to remain pretty successful overall. I brought back some mahi mahi to the condo we were keeping and tossed it into your freezer. Once the sun set, we all sat outdoors so that you can smoke cigars and drink a few beers. We all got to help talking and laughing, before we knew it we were a number of beers in and ready to crash with the night. We were not prepared for what hit us after we got back inside. The freezer fan should have been broken, it smelled in the entire condo. The potent smell of fish permeated the full place and every room. We were 5, pretty drunk adult males, trying to figure out how to address the freezer issue. We relied on the stove fan to circulate the air, not knowing what kind of air purification system may just be or was being implemented with the condo. It took us hours to find a comfortable balance of addressing and never masking the smell, by adjusting the temperature to the thermostat, and making sure just about every air duct was clear together with open. We’ll never forget precisely how insane that trip was, with no sleep. I’ll never reserve a residence without making sure they have modern HVAC systems, ventilation and appliances again.

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