My attorney is a young man

I used to see a television show about a office firm that specializes in both corporate plus supplier law.  The tv staff was so big, so I’m sure the pretend legal firm ran the team, from defense attorneys plus divorces, real estate law plus child support, estate planning, plus easily civil litigation.  I mean, after all, the show was a nice and well known cast, well-written plus entirely neat, so they would speak of every style of law. But, of all the legal plot twists on the tv show, the storylines that I best remember was about the ongoing supplier plus business law narratives.  This fictional legal team was always thinking on strategy about some large business, plus since this supplier law firm was so successful, they had a good suppliers plus corporate law clients showcased every couple of days. The big corporate legal team would always be thinking on some cover-up, usually conducted by their own big time or supplier law client, however, they would usually end up on top, at least by the end of the season.  Of course, it was a pretend corporate law firm, but the storylines were taken right out of daily life. One current storyline is about the good estate firm on the side of town plus their fight to keep a newly planned, larger real estate development from moving past the drawing board in a nefarious cash grab however the real estate attorneys are still finally working that plot. I feel mostly about that cast of those characters.

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