My air quality is not very good

My neighbor recently had shoulder replacement surgery but was finally well enough to go out so long as she didn’t exert herself… To celebrate, I took her to lunch as well as a show put on by the local theater group. The lunch was wonderful however things started going downhill once we got to the theater to see the play. As soon as we found our seats, we both noticed how hot it was, it didn’t seem like the cooling system was now working, also,  people around us were fanning themselves with their brochures. The two of us hoped that the a/c would kick on before the show however it didn’t, and instead, they started right up as though nothing was wrong. Even from the cheap seats, we could tell that the performers were perspiring profusely do to the lack of cool air. The two of us were not faring much better. About an hour in, my neighbor grabbed my wrist, when I looked at her, I could see her face was pale white, and she whispered that she felt faint because of the heat. The two of us crawled over the other patrons and I helped her to the lavatory where I splashed water on her neck as well as on her face. Then we waited in the lobby for a bit before deciding to head home… On the way, she kept apologizing, however it was not her fault the cooling system didn’t work. The heat was just too much for her this soon after surgery. I felt so bad. I definitely like supporting the local artists but I won’t be going back to that particular theater.  

heat and AC 

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