My A/C is making a thud sound

I got woken up by a super loud thud at least 5 times last night. I am a very heavy sleeper, so for something to wake me up, it must have been pretty loud. After a few minutes of investigation this morning, I quickly found out that the thud noise was coming from my brand new air conditioner. I had an HVAC company install the air conditioner just three weeks ago and so far, it has been working just fine. I am surprised to find out that it has already started acting up. I really hope that the HVAC company will come and service it for free considering they just installed it. The thud noise seems to happen when the compressor stops and the fan continues to run. It’s quite loud and a little scary. I keep wondering if the entire air conditioning system is going to blow up! I just decided to call the HVAC company and they said they would send someone out right away to look at the air conditioner. I asked them how much it was for the service call and they said that most likely it’ll be covered up the installation warranty unless I somehow did something to cause the problem on my own. I told them thank you and hung up. Then I turned off the air conditioner completely. It’s quite hot outside, but the last thing I need is to be sitting here waiting for the HVAC tech to arrive only for the air conditioner to blow up and wipe out the whole house.

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