Music playing and a/c equipment

My friends and I were overjoyed to go see our favorite band in concert. Thirty Seconds to Mars was touring in our up-to-date home town, and everyone of us was able to get front row tickets to see the concert. My buddy Davis, won the tickets off a stereo contest. The concert was in the middle of September, and the venue was outdoors. That meant no a/c or chilly air at all, but none of us were overjoyed about the heat, but every one of us were all ready to see our favorite band perform their hits. The show started at seven, and it was still easily tepid and easily sunny outside. I was perspiring like a whore in church, and my underarms were soaked in sweat. I had to buy a band t-shirt, because my pits stains were so disgusting. All of us could find no respite from the blazing sun. The event coordinator had strategically found a few misting fans. None of the food tents had a/c, and none of the vendors appeared to have a/c either. It was still 88 degrees, when the band started their songs at 8:15. My buddy Sonny disappeared, and did not show up until almost intermission! Buddy found a cute girl that worked in the 1 of the mobile iPhone kiosks. They had chilly a/c, and Sonny had been hanging out with her. She looked cool and refreshed, and I was a bit envious for a while. All of us finished watching the concert. On the drive home, I blasted the frigid a/c. I set the indoor a/c temperature to 66 degrees, and cruised the whole way back to the house..

air conditioning

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