Moving to a new house

First day of work can be nerve wracking. I was worried no one would like the new girl and was expecting to be bullied or ignored. I wore a suit of a thin material that was comfortable for the 69 degree temperature outside. I walked into work dripping with sweat and sat down at my desk and didn’t make eye contact with anyone. Within the first 10 minutes I was shivering. I looked around the office and everyone was layered in several coats and jackets. One lady even had on mittens. I built up the nerve to ask the person next to me why was it so cold in our building? They told me that the air conditioning was always on and the thermostat would stay at 64 degrees because that’s the way management liked it. I was shocked and asked if anyone ever expressed their concerns about this? Apparently everyone was too scared to say something. I forgot all about my nerves and walked right into managements office, in the middle of their meeting. I told them by having the air conditioning running throughout the day is entirely draining their pockets more than saving it. It is also poor for the environment. I shared some energy saving tips such as having a steady temperature control on the thermostat, closing off certain vents in the building that will force the air to the top, cooling as it comes down. I also suggested rearranging the furniture. Furniture can obstruct air conditioning vents. They took my advice and the next day no one was wearing a jacket.

new heater 

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