Motion sensors

Constantly, I have been involved in entrepreneurial enterprises of one sort or another. I was a kid with a lemonade stand, and I have regularly strived to support myself on my own talents, working hard to avoid using my labor to enrich someone else. I have gradually built up my dealer acumen over the years, hopping from one field to another, plus finally, have landed myself into something that will get me to the next level.

            Recently, I acquired a self-storage dealership for far below market value. With the renovations I am planning, I will hopefully be turning a profit within the first year. It’s an ambitious goal, however I obtained the dealership for an eighth its market price through an auction, so I guess I can do it. The one thing I need to do instantly is buy a great security system. The former owner went bankrupt from being sued over lost belongings, plus I don’t want to be like that. I am going to have a security service install surveillance cameras, motion sensors, an automated gate that open via a combination code, plus alarmed units for those who want to spend a few extra bucks a month.

               It’s a smart plan plus hopefully, I’ll be able to get back some of the people who left when the former dealer was being taken by burglars. There are also some aesthetic renovations I am going to do to give the locale a facelift. This is the only storage locale around, so it shouldn’t be difficult to get people to rent from me.

automatic alarm system 

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