Monthly utility problems

My hubby, Jason and I recently spent a great deal of time, effort and money putting in a immense patio in the back of our home.  Both of us did all of the work ourselves, and it took us most of the Summer to complete the project. We really prefer spending time outdoors, whether we’re reading, getting some sun, cooking on the grill, or chatting with friends and neighbors.  Jason and I were looking forward to finally taking advantage of the finished patio. Unfortunately, by the time we completed the finishing touches and set up the grill and furniture, it was late November and the weather had started to cool off significantly.  Although we tried rest on patio, we’d simply get to cold and end up retreating inside. Both of us then did some research into possible gas furnaces for the patio. We didn’t want to invest in propane heating systems which would continually run out of fuel. Having the furnace swiftly quit while we were entertaining guests would be extremely inconvenient.  We eventually found patio heating systems which run on natural gas, and the cost of operation would simply be a small part of our quarterly energy bill. The outdoor heating systems are permanently installed, fairly energy efficient and quite beautiful. Jason and I prefer the ambience created by the flicker of the sparks. Both of us purchased 3 of them, and the cost added up rather abruptly.  However, they supply satisfactory heat to keep us nice and cozy all year. Because of the heaters, we get much more use and value from our modern patio space.

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