Mice dying in my ductwork and the smell is terrible

I am convinced that my ductwork is a mouse graveyard. Every Winter my whole house smells like cooking dead mouse. I set up traps, poison and watch for mice all year. I even call a HVAC business in for ductwork cleaning. They use a special scrub brush to get to all the HVAC ducts. Then I clean my carpets and wash all my curtains. The house smells nice for maybe a week. Then I turn on my heating system and the house reeks. I must have a ton of mice in my home. Once a mouse starts to age, it must be a rule that they need to die in my air ducts. It could be that my heating system cooks them. Perhaps the mice vacate the air ducts when they see the HVAC van. They only let the HVAC contractor in so her can perform the duct cleaning. Then they come back once he’s done. I bet they like that their home gets a good cleaning. I bet they next set up camp and live there until I burn them alive with my heating system. I just don’t know what to do. I never can find them in the ductwork until they are dead. I also refuse to not use my heater in the Winter. An air purifier would not help with an odor this foul. I am running out of ideas on how to fix the stinky air quality issue. I can’t let the mice win though. The ductwork is mine. They can’t live there or bury their dead in them. The smell is just too awful.

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