Preparing a one’s home for Summer and Winter rapidly fluctuating temperatures can make several home concerns very evident.  I began to look for options to improve the effectiveness of the heating and cooling system. So, I hired a quality heating and air specialist to check our gas furnace, a/c and air ducting.  I was surprised to find that even with totally sealed windows and doors, that I could still lose twenty five to thirty percent of our energy produced by the heating and air unit through the leaky air duct system.  The heating and air specialist explained how heated or cool air can escape through cracks and leaks in our air ducts. However, having a tightly contained home can also means that used, stale and impure air would constantly be circulating throughout the home.  He recommended investing in an air cleaner to work alongside the air conditioning unit. He explained there are several styles and types of air cleaners. Our selection should then depend on how we want them installed, the price and our air quality needs. The air cleaner he chose for me can be discreetly added by installing it within a ceiling or wall.  This kind of air cleaner looks much like register vents. They are concealed in the return and are not linked with the heating and air system directly. So, the upgrade takes less than five hours. The HVAC service person explained how air passes through the return vent, then the dust, dandruff and detritus are trapped and filtered. The most awesome aspect of this type of system to me was the upkeep.  They require very little maintenance and the filter has to be replaced less frequently than the air filter in a standard home’s heating and a/c unit.

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