meat room and a/c

My boyfriend is such a weirdo.  He’s a brilliant musician, coffee expert, plus vehicle fanatic. He knows several things about such diverse topics that I can’t ever keep up with all the comprehension in his head. He has one hobby that trumps them all. He is the meat smoking master.  Every week or so he goes outside and gets the \smoker rolling. He lights a bunch of charcoal, sets some wood chips inside, and carefully tends to the flames for hours on end. He gets immense quantities of meat and babies every single piece to delicious perfection.   It’s a great hobby, plus it provides for us, as well. The only problem is he can’t smoke meat well if the weather isn’t cooperating. That’s why he’s decided he wants to create a meat processing room. The only issue is how much a new HVAC system we’ll need for this. My boyfriend wants to set up a space with excellent ventilation, so he’s able to funnel all the smoke out of the indoor air and directly outside. That way, we won’t be killed by the carbon dioxide that he creates and releases into the air. He thinks we should be able to get an industrial air handler to pull all the indoor air outside, plus exchange the polluted air with high quality fresh air, instead. He wants a basic heating and cooling system to be installed, as well, so that the room isn’t too hot or cold for him to be comfortable.  Finally, I’ve suggested we invest in an additional air purification system in order to filter out any of the remaining smoke particles. Then we’ll be breathing easy.

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