Maybe I need a generator

Springtime in our area is coming to an end and both of us are trying to get everything ready for the warm season.  Summertime means airconditioning along with family time together and grilling outside. I enjoy every aspect of warm season, except the air conditioning part.  When it gets too hot both of us need to be able to cool off in the AC. I guess that I need to have the AC system tuned up before both of us try and start it. I made an appointment for a week later because I didn’t see any issues.  However, when the corporation came for the appointment he said there was a pretty big problem with the system. He said that the air flow was extremely low and that he had already changed out the filters. The unit itself seemed to be running nicely so he needed to check our air vents and HVAC duct to see if that was the problem.  Within an hour he found and explained the problem. Apparently, my 3 year daughter had been stuffing anything that would fit, down the air vent in the playroom. There was a large blockage in the HVAC duct off of that room that would need to be cleaned out … If I didn’t find it humorous myself, I really would be upset. The man was able to remove the items and get the AC up and running in less than an hour… As for my daughter, both of us will have to have a little talk about where our toys go.

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