Making food and indoor air conditions

Although now I am a high end chef, actually working for Michelin star restaurants, I started off as a line cook in a greasy spoon. Yet I am so cheerful I started off from the bottom plus worked my way up, because I recognize l acquired a lot of different things that culinary school would never had taught me. In reality, it is the little things that can make the biggest difference. I don’t mean the quality of the ingredients, I mean the quality of the living room. It does not mean you need to buy the most extravagant equipment, as long as you keep everything clean. Since you can’t physically clean the air clean, use a quality heating and air conditioning system or air purifier to clean it for you. Then having clean, well ventilated indoor air quality is as crucial to the taste of your food as the cleanliness of your grill or oven. One of the best investments you can make in a professional kitchen is a quality range hood, which controls the air ventilation in your kitchen plus enhances the air quality. If you can’t get a range hood, almost any kind of powerful air filter will work–most times a central heater and air conditioning system will have air filters built into it. Although I recognize that more is needed for a great cooking space, however don’t be satisfied with whatever air filters your AC came with. Take the time to go above and beyond to get a freestanding air filter. The cleaner your air quality, the cleaner your food will taste. Take your air quality seriously–your food will reap the benefits.

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