Made sure to use extra a/c

Last weekend, I just wanted to have a pleasant day with my wife, Mindy.  Mindy and I rarely have the opportunity to do things together. I knew it would be enjoyable to take a day to spend quality time alone together.  We started at lovely park where we strolled and fed the ducks. I had a packed a basket with comfy blanket and good food. I made us delicious tuna sandwiches, cut up fresh watermelon, and bought a bottle of wine. Both of us enjoyed the picnic very much but it became a little too hot and sticky for us outside. I was hoping the weather wouldn’t get so hot as to ruin it for us.  Mindy and I managed to find a nice grassy spot with some shade. It was still a little too hot, but it was better than getting directly hit by the sun. When we packed everything up, and got ready to leave, I made sure to turn up the air conditioning in the car. We had cooled off by the time we arrived at the theater. The movie theatre is always nice and cool because of the air conditioner blasting. I was relieved as we walked into the movie theatre.  We enjoyed the smell of popcorn and the cool temperature! After the movie, Mindy and I didn’t want to leave because it was just so comfortable. I planned to take Mindy to one of her favorite local restaurants. Although it’s a bit costly, this was a special occasion. I wanted everything to be perfect. So when we sat down at our table and realized their air conditioner wasn’t working, we changed our minds and left. We decided we’d rather grab a slice of pizza next door, because at least the air conditioner was working.  


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