Lowering the a/c costs

Living down south, I’ve become quite the expert at minimizing my electric bill.  It’s necessary to run my cooling program year round, and it is the greatest draw on my budget.  I’ve realized that keeping the cooling system in the best shape will save us money in the long run.  I’ve purchased a professional repair plan with the local HVAC company. Every year, they schedule a licensed professional to come to the beach house to provide proactive service.  The woman troubleshoots the system, keeping an eye out for any worn or broken parts. Whenever there’s any cause for big concern, the part is then updated or repaired to promote the greatest reliability.  The professional also cleans all my cooling equipment, removes any buildup of dust plus debris, which does a good job of combating the growth of mold, mildew, bacteria, or bacteria. This ensures the best airflow through the system, which means superior comfort, lower energy costs, and greater energy efficiency.  Along with this service, I always update the air filter in the cooling machine every week. I am also pretty meticulous about cleaning the dirty supply and return vents, and every couple of years, I make sure to have the entire duct program maintained. The HVAC company performs duct cleaning or some sealing to prevent leaks or clogs if necessary,.  To seal the home more tightly, I updated all of the windows, made sure to caulk around them and weatherstrip all exterior doors. I’ve added enough insulation into walls, ceilings and crawl spaces then also installed ceiling fans in most of the rooms. Although the fans don’t really lower the air temperature, they do a good job pushing heated air upward and pushing cooler air down toward the floor.  

AC maintenance

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