Lowering my thermostat

Some good buddies of mine plus I decided to form a band. We all gelled well together and had latent talent. We started jamming in the garage at my buddy’s house, but the thing that was awful about having jam sessions in his garage was that the Summer heat was getting to us in there! He had no HVAC system in his garage! I was talking with my buddy after jamming out and he agreed. We tried keeping the garage door open, but it was still too hot and humid. I told my buddy that he should consider getting a ductless mini split HVAC unit. I said it would be perfect for the garage space, and I had experience with this because that’s what my father got for our garage a long while ago and it worked wonders for the garage! He asked me why we weren’t jamming out at my house then! I told him I didn’t believe my parents would go for all the noise. I asked my father if we could jam out and he surprisingly agreed to it. So we started jamming in my garage and that’s when my buddy agreed that he was definitely going to get a ductless mini split HVAC system. I told him I would even throw down some of my own dough for it, plus the rest of the group agreed we would split the cost so we would have a location to play our music without bothering anyone. ticks, so we could play to our hearts content out there!

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