Love working on school stuff with the a/c on

When I was a teenager, I had to have things go my way. I focused on wanting to get into a great university and got there, but when I would do my homework, I would constantly be turning up the air conditioning system in the house! The air conditioning was a great tool to help myself relaxed and focused. My mom and dad would constantly get mad because they felt that by me cranking the air conditioning it was costing them tons of money in utility bills. I told them that I just couldn’t focus on my work if I didn’t have the air conditioning going. Eventually, they did decide to get me my own window air conditioner for my room, this way, I could crank the air conditioning as much as I wanted and it wouldn’t lower the temperature for the entire house or run up bills too much. This worked out good because now I could blast the air conditioning even more and it wouldn’t bother my parents in the least! The window air conditioning component was energy efficient as well, so I didn’t have to worry too much about expensive utility bills. They couldn’t have been more happy, as they finally were no longer cold in the house all of the time. Of course, if they ever wanted to come into my room, they were coming into a meat freezer! I know that ever since I had that new air conditioning unit installed in my room, my grades really got better!

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