Love the HVAC guy

In high school, unlike my peers, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with my life. I was dead set on becoming a police officer, while most students in my class just hadn’t figured out what they wanted to do yet. During high school, I have the opportunity to go on a ride-along in a squad car and I was sold on police officer work! With hard work and dedication, it was only a few years after high school that I eventually managed to land a job in law enforcement. Another one of my friends had finally decided that they wanted to go to a trade school to learn all manner of technical skills to become the ultimate handyman. He ended up studying how to be an electrician and an HVAC worker and he also succeeded ┬áin landing jobs in those respective fields. We both congratulated each other for successfully acquiring jobs in the disciplines that we chose. While I studied hard and excelled in my police officer work, my buddy eventually managed to learn all manner of techniques for various home repairs. it seemed that there was nothing that he could not assess correctly and fix and I was jealous of him for this. When my air conditioner shut down later that summer I was flummoxed. I figured that if anyone can figure out the problem and fix it it would be my friend. I asked for his help and he eventually agreed. When he got to my house and took a look at my HVAC unit it did not seem to take him very long to turn to me and say that she had given up the ghost and it was time to replace her entirely. I looked at him forlornly, but then he smirked and said he was just kidding. He said it was probably just a small problem and he’d be able to take care of it. Lo and behold, after fiddling with the thermostat and checking various parts he determined that the compressor need to be replaced. All told, it only took him a few hours to finish up and then everything was running again like new. My friend sure saved me a lot of money, because I just bet if I had to call an HVAC company they would have charged me a lot of money for a little work!

HVAC handyman

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