Loud operation

I have always felt moved to bake, and for the past many years I’ve gotten asked to deliver cookies, cakes and many treats for birthday parties, retirements, showers and all sorts of good times.  What started as just a fun activity has gradually blossomed into a small business. Although I still do everything out of our own home, I’ve wanted to make some substitutes to our whole kitchen. I couldn’t manage business with our small oven, fridge and mixer.  I’ve now spent for commercial grade devices and expanded the scope of our kitchen. One of the most fancy substitutes was to the HVAC system. When I first got it together in this endeavor, I didn’t even think of air conditioner in our home. I always dealt with open windows and several electric fans.  This would not be sufficient once our commercial oven began pumping out hot air during the entire time. The kitchen suddenly became severely overheated and humid. Not only were our conditions ugly for me, I was having issues with cooling the baked treats and the frosting melting. The heat also laid added demand on our refrigerator and fans.  I needed to purchase central cooling to our dwelling and extend the heating/cooling method to be part of the addition to the kitchen. This required adding on to the ducting system, and it was a large deal with lots of mess. While I was at that, I also invested into an entire house air cleaner. While the aroma of baking muffins and cookies can be wonderful now & then, our family was sick about the constant smell throughout the entire house.  The whole-dwelling air purifier not only zapped smells it also created a much brighter, healthier kitchen and workspace.

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