Lost the cooling system

I always heard horror stories about all the complications that  come along with being pregnant. When I decided to become a PA at an OB/GYN office I thought I was prepared for stories about just about anything.  My usual complaints were about morning sickness, the extra weight, the aches and pains, and especially the inability to stay cool with all the extra hormones and fluids.  Even still, I was excited about the job. My job was pretty routine most of the time but I remember one appointment that I had with a woman last month that made me rethink some things. Did I mention that I was recently married and now expecting myself as well? Anyway, this woman was about eight months pregnant and came in totally distraught.  She said that everything with the pregnancy was fine but she and her husband were arguing so bad that it was raising her blood pressure. This is always a concern in late pregnancy anyway so it was worrisome to me. It is the middle of summer and their air conditioning had stopped working two weeks before her appointment. She was simply miserable. They had tried the everything on their own and nothing was working.  She said she never fully appreciated a well working HVAC system until this happened! For three days she said that she had barely slept because she spent so much time in the cold shower to try and keep cool. He husband said that she was being ridiculous. Before she left she wanted me to actually write a prescription for her that said she needed to be in an air conditioned space for the remainder of her pregnancy.  I gave her the name of my HVAC dealer instead.


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