Looking between heaters

When our daughter found out she was pregnant, she had already planned on divorcing her husband.  It wasn’t too long after that when she moved back in with us. We all had to do some quick prep work to get the house ready for a baby. She was sleeping in the guest room that didn’t have any air vents for the heating or air conditioner. We couldn’t welcome a baby in the house if there was no heating in the bedroom it was going to stay in. My wife went on several websites to see if he could find a reputable heating and air conditioning service that would come in and extend the air duct so all the upstairs rooms would have heating and air conditioning. Unfortunately, the upstairs didn’t have any air ducts. The were air vents in the wall, but they only went downstairs. All of the heat in our bedrooms had risen from downstairs. Now she was upset, and obsessed with finding a heating and air conditioning system that was sufficient for not only our daughter’s room, but for our room as well. Eventually she learned about the ductless mini-break heating and air conditioning system, and was going to buy several units to put in the bedrooms. When she did some further research, she found they had a multi-split unit. There was a single main condenser, it could service several air handlers. We had opted to have the multi-break unit installed, and now there was comfortable heat and air conditioner for when the baby arrived. Our daughter was so appreciative for our help.

A/C service plan 

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