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Every summer my friends and I get together to have a pool party. Our dorm complex has a pretty nice swimming pool and a place to grill food, which makes it awesome for parties. My friends plus I decided to have a party last weekend. The weather forecast said it was going to be sunny and hot all day long. My friends Emily and Allison brought rum, vodka, and other ingredients to make rum punch. The people I was with and I had everything necessary for the perfect day of food and fun in the sun, but unfortunately, the sun did not want to cooperate. It began to pour about ten minutes before we were going to go out. It came out of nowhere, baffling even the meteorologist. The people I was with and I had to move our party into the campus clubhouse. The air conditioning system was cranking on high, so we were naturally shivering in minutes. It was 96 outside before the rain, but inside it felt more like fifty degrees. Allison quickly found the thermostat, and changed the temperature to a toasty seventy-five degrees. The people I was with and I started pouring drinks, so no one cared about the heat or the air conditioning system after a pitcher of rum punch. Later, a group of people came in the clubhouse to play video games and complained that it was too chilly. They asked us to change the thermostat, but when we offered them their own pitcher of rum punch, they didn’t seem to mind so much anymore. Even though the weather was bad, we were able to enjoy our party in the comfort of an air conditioned clubhouse.

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