Let’s rent the apartment

My man Tyler and I moved to the north, Tyler and I moved next door to people who had horses. Tyler and I both thought the horses were cute and the sounds they made were funny. All of us bought the apartment right then and that day. The horses were a fun part with the locale. It only took one Summer for Tyler and I to detest the horses. The reason is that the horse smell is really bad in the Summer. If I leave our windows not shut, the horse smell pollutes our air quality. The complete house, walls and ceiling included, will smell just like a horse’s butt.  If I close the windows, then the place becomes to be too warm. I had to invest in all current cooling equipment and air quality equipment for our house. The air conditioner is for when I close windows. I need to allow the apartment cool anyhow. Every room in the place has an indoor air handler connected to our ductless multi split component. If I desire fresh air though, I then need our air quality technology. I open the windows, turn off the A/C and then use an air purification system to get rid of the horse smell. I had to get a hardcore and heavy duty air purification system that can sit by itself too. I don’t want to run A/C with the windows cracked, so the air purification system is its own separate thing in my house.

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