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Some people love to argue that you shouldn’t be afraid to go out to big public events, especially if you’re the type to be fearful of catching a cold or worse from someone else at the event. “You’re going to get sick no matter what during flu season”, they tell others, “so just get it out of the way.” Well, that’s good and well – except I have a terrible immune system. When my air filter went two weeks past the date to change it out, I developed a sinus infection and a head-cold in the same week. Imagine how that felt, especially since I had to call out of work just to lay in misery at my home. After that happened, I knew I needed to do whatever it takes to keep my home clean and sterile. Aside from being a clean freak, I reached out to a local HVAC company for suggestions on ways to improve air quality in my home. They listed a few options I was familiar with, such as HEPA filters or special air purifiers, but then he mentioned UV light treatment. That sounded interesting, so I asked him to press on. The HVAC specialist continued over the phone, explaining that the UV light system directs the titular light beams into the airflow of an HVAC system. Since air circulates in a house, it would take a few circulations of airflow in the house before my air quality reflects the UV treatment. That’s the cream of the crop according to the specialist I spoke with, so I’ll have to look into having it installed. I have to do something to keep the air quality in this place high, or I’m going to keep getting these infections!

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