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There was a time when I was an instructor. Unlike all the other instructors, when a student questioned me what I thought about them attending university, I sometimes would tell them that if they sincerely didn’t want to go, they should try something else… One of my students did just that, but instead of going to the massive university that is right here in our hometown, he chose to go to a trade university. When he went there initially, he did not really know for certain what he wanted to learn… He started out in the barbering university, however then he figured out that he didn’t like it in the least. So then, he went into plumbing and quickly realized he would have to be doing work in sewage, and that’s when he discovered their Heating and A/C program. He went quickly through the Heating and A/C service courses. Then he took Heating and A/C advanced technology, which I figure was related to modern Heating and A/C technology. When he took all the courses they offered, he went to work as a Heating and A/C specialist and worked especially hard for the span of 10 years. Then, he was able to break loose and opened his own heating and cooling business. He currently works for himself, and not only that, he has several employees who all work for his heating and cooling business! I am incredibly proud of him. Then, just the other afternoon, I was studying the newspaper, and I seen him there on the front page of the local section. They were featuring him and his a/c corporation because he was generously donating Heating and A/C equipment to the new homeless shelter. What a wonderful guy!

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