lessons with the HVAC unit

There are certain lessons that need to be learned through General experience and cannot be taught. Unfortunately we had to learn one the hard way last year.  Our Heating system completely went out a week after the coldest winter time had set in. Unfortunately a blizzard was about to hit us so we had to crank up the heating to compensate. We weren’t do for any warm weather for several days so we had to call the local HVAC company for a heating tune-up. Unfortunately they were completely booked solid and we’re unable to tend to our needs until the blizzard had subsided. We had to pull out all of our blankets and space heaters to battle the cold conditions for the duration of the harsh cold climate.  it was a rough few days but it taught us a valuable lesson. Make sure you get your heating and air conditioning tune up before the harsh temperatures and conditions are due to hit.

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