Learning from my friends

I have a really great and talented group of friends. One is a musician, another a painter, and one is a fantastic baker. I am always trying to learn from them, and every other week we get together at my house for dinner. We always talk about art and food and other things that interest us. Last week, I was excited because my baker friend was supposed to teach us how to make really great pastries. However, just after everyone arrived and we got things in the oven, we heard a loud noise come from the A/C compressor. Right after we heard it, we noticed that the cool air stopped flowing through the air vents. I was stunned because my air conditioner had never given me issues in the past. I was totally lost because I didn’t know the first thing about HVAC unit repair, but one of my friends instantly volunteered to have a look at the compressor. It took him about an hour, but after that, he had the entire cooling system working like new! I was so impressed. I offered to pay him for repairing it, but he wouldn’t take my money. I have always know that I had a talented group of friends, but who knew that one of them also doubled as an HVAC mechanic. I really wish that I had as many skills as they do. I’m so lucky to be surrounded by such cool people! Not only did I learn how to bake a little better that evening, I also saved a lot of money because I didn’t have to call an HVAC technician to come out to my house.

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