Knowing next to nothing about HVAC

When I bought the old hotel, I had no idea how much interest I would get from family, and even stranger, in being part owner of the property.  Before I could decide what I was going to do, I had to get a really good idea of the true value of the property and see just what I had to put into the property to make it a lucrative business property.  I was willing to do all of the work to do all of the rewiring of the building. I already have one partner in mind to come into the project with me. I’m not really sure if I want a partner however, or if I just want to pay them for their work.  Taking on a partner can be a real pain, but I need someone who knows about HVAC. I’ve talked to my older brother about doing all of the plumbing for me, but he’s willing to do for his services. He doesn’t want any kind of part of the business, so I just need him to give me an estimate.  Buying the hotel was on a whim, because I didn’t think I would get it. I’m going to talk to Kenny about doing the HVAC. I know it is an expense, but I hope that he will be willing to buy the HVAC equipment, so we can get heating, ventilation, and air conditioning into the building. I’m willing to help him with the labor once he buys the HVAC equipment.  If he will front the payment for this, then I will be willing to make him an fifty-fifty partner in the business.

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