Kids need heated floors

I am so excited that I am due in late May with our first child. My husband and I have just about everything ready in our city loft anticipating our new child. The only thing every one of us are anxious about is our current furnace plan that came with the loft. My husband made a great point that our gas fireplace is not exactly safe for our baby as it is. Eventually our child will be on the ground rolling, crawling and eventually walking around the loft. The gas fireplace is right out in the middle of the kitchen. It also has this big glass plate that shows a fake fire, which is really enticing. Since, it is a pretty sight, but it super boiling to touch, this would not be good for a baby. The glass has to get over 100 degrees for the heat to come through. I have bumped the glass before and got an entirely terrible burn from the heat. The last thing I want is our current baby to start walking and accidently fall against the glass for a fatal accident. My husband and I are thinking about either putting a protective barrier in front of the oil furnace or just getting a current heating method entirely set up. What would be ideal is getting radiant heated floors. The heating method would be a nice warmth under our feet then. The electric mats would sizzling and every surface in the house to a nice even temperature. This absolutely would be ideal for a baby that rolls and crawls on the floor all day long. Our child would be toasty sizzling while playing on the floor and most pressingly, safe on the heated surfaces. The price tag on radiant floors is quite intense for any home budget. You have to buy the system, rip up your current floors and remove the older oil furnace device that is already in place. So, it would be a hefty bill, but might be worth it in the end if you were to ask others their opinion.

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