Kids need a/c at daycare

During the Summer time, my kids are usually staying at an all-day daycare facility where they do all sorts of group activities until either our spouse or myself am able to option them up, and we picked this unique daycare facility for them due to their esteemed reputation, & they came highly regarded by an enjoyable friend of ours! On hot afternoons the teenagers get to play in the little splash park they have set up out in the back, & on rainy afternoons they do arts & crafts inside or watch a film. On afternoons where it is just far too hot to be out, the teenagers get to set around in the A/C, but the daycare has a series of actually enjoyable HVAC systems that keep all of the classrooms cool during those scorching afternoons here in the south. Occasionally the teenagers will make colorful streamers or little paper airplanes to hang from the overhead ventilation system. One day when I picked them up I was amazed to see fifty or so colorful spirals & streamers blowing in the cool air that the HVAC was circulating through the vents. The teenagers were having a total blast splitting out little kites & such, i was glad the daycare center had such a wonderfully fun way to keep the teenagers cool in the Summer heat. On afternoons where the temperatures climb into the upper nineties & the humidity is high, not a single person wants to be outside. I guess our spouse & myself chose wisely when selecting this arena. They do a wonderful task of looking after the kiddos while the people I was with and I are at work, & the kiddos are able to keep cool while they play.

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