Keeping my furnace clean

I know when my roommate Katy goes to visit her boyfriend. Katy’s boyfriend lives really miles away from her. She has to get on a train and travel for about 6 hours so as to see him. Since the trip can be so long, Katy stays away for about two weeks. I love when she leaves since i get our place to myself personally. I get up as early or as late as i want. I blast my music across the home and make whatever food I need. I let the place find super messy and I also switch off our air conditioner. I hate this smell of AC, the feel of computer and I hate when air is blowing on me. Katy is normally nuts about air conditioning though. I absolutely humor her and allow this AC on, I just endure it. The moment she makes however, the cooling system is switched off. I love having the house a warmer temperature. I also like that I understand our energy bills is going to be so much lower. The air conditioner goes on electricity. Our AC unit uses up some electric. Then I have this daily electrical leech powered down for two weeks. It really makes an impression in those bills. I also am a lot more comfortable and happy. Eventually My goal is to move out and get our place. Now I know that after I do I won’t wish a cooling system. Also I will someday have a boyfriend, I will ban the utilization of AC in my house.

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