Keep those windows closed!

A couple days ago volunteered to chaperone my daughter’s fourth grade class on a field trip to the zoo.  Since the zoo is over a forty five minute drive from the school, I guessed we’d ride on a charter bus equipped with a restroom, tv screens and a/c.  Instead, we boarded a tiny school bus. I’m convinced that the school bus was older than my great grandparents, because of the way it bounced over every pothole.  For unknown reasons, the windows only opened an inch, and we didn’t even have seatbelts. There was no a/c to be found, and the outside temperature was eighty six degrees with crazy humidity.  By the time we arrived at the zoo, I was drenched with sweat and suffering a headache from loud children. Unfortunately, the bulk of the exhibits at the zoo are outside. I was responsible for more than four little kids, and we started at the gift shop.  The gift shop was air conditioned, cold cool and costly. I urged the guys to take all the time they needed, and even provided to buy them a souvenir to take up more time. After that I led them to the reptile house, where there was a large supply of a/c. All of us tried to avoid the stinky hippos, and hurried past the bears, lions and giraffes.  I was ready to get inside the aquarium area, which was adequate temperature controlled. The majority of the day was an absolute disaster, and after that we had to get back on that sweaty bus. The ride home wasn’t much better, because 2 little guys ended up getting car sick. I couldn’t wait to crank the a/c in my van to maximum capacity.

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