It’s tough dealing with all the hair

Where both of us live the weather is tepid plus humid for 10 months out of the year.  It gets to be pretty unmanageable at times because I can never go outside separate from feeling overheated plus hot.  I look forward to the morning when our partner plus I move to a cooler weather conditions in the next year or so. About a year ago, both of us got a black labradoodle.  She enjoys playing outside however tends to get entirely overheated pretty quickly. I take her outside to play fetch plus 10 to 15 minutes later she wants to go back inside to cool off.  This is one of the reasons both of us make sure our Heating, Ventilation and A/C idea is typically in perfect running order. Our dog gets so tepid, it usually takes her close to an minute to cool down, plus that’s with her laying directly on top of one of our air ducts.  She absolutely relies on our air conditioning machine while she is in the tepid summer seasons plus so do we. During some of our hottest days, our dog plus I will go outside for a run, before I leave I will turn down the control machine so it’s nice a cold inside when both of us get back.  As soon as both of us walk through the door it’s like an icicle, plus both of us can instantaneously cool off. Thankfully, we get our Heating, Ventilation and A/C machine inspected once a year so both of us don’t have to worry about any unforeseen concerns while I was in the serious heat of the summer seasons, however I don’t assume what both of us would do separate from the cool air.    

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