It’s time to look for a house

Whoever owned this place before me really thought they were a handyman. The thing’s I’ve found in here are insane. There’s part of the floor where the old owner must have removed the radiators but they never replaced the subfloor so you could just fall right through! On better side, because the house is this way, I bought it for a very low price compared to others. I plan to have the entire home remodeled in a few weeks or so. For now, I been just doing little projects here and there. I began to notice some problems with the HVAC system. I thought I’d have someone out to look it over, do a little upkeep, and clean the ductwork. When the HVAC company came out and looked, he said it was a mess! The old owner had clearly done it himself and against the code. The whole thing needed to be redone by a licensed HVAC professional. That was a major blow to my budget. At the time, I didn’t have a lot of money because it was so soon after buying the house. I hadn’t had time to recoup some of that money yet that I put into the down payment on the house. I had to find the cash to do the HVAC instal properly, and it wasn’t easy. I was happy it was done when it was over with. It definitely made a difference to the overall comfort of my home!

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