It’s a great deal hotter in here

My second wedding ceremony was so much better than my first. I deeply liked my hubby, and the two of us are still together. I wasn’t pregnant, because I was settled enough to know better.  It wasn’t the dead heat of summer, and I wasn’t swollen from water retention. I awoke in the morning, happy to get this day started. My fiance and I were having a winter themed wedding, and Christmas was in the air. Christmas lights were strung everywhere you went, and it was less than a month away. I had my white wedding dress set out, ready to put on when my fiance came in and mentioned that I may want to wait to put it on at the church. I looked out, and it was starting to snow. We had a drive of about a hundred miles in the snow, so the two of us could get married closer to our parents. I loaded my dress in the car and I wore my pants with a long jacket for the trip. We lit the furnace because the temperature had dropped to twenty degrees. When we eventually got to the site, half of the guests were running late. My mother and father were waiting for us, and dad had set the thermostat so the furnace would be keeping the building warm. I was going to change my clothes, when I noticed that my wedding dress had been caught in the car door and had black marks. It seems I was getting married in my jeans and black jacket. I was now perspiring, mostly due to nerves, but also because the heating wasn’t shutting off. When it finally came time to exchange rings, we realized we had forgotten my ring! My dad gave us his wedding ring for the ceremony, and I still have that ring.

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