It has gotten so warm in here

This past August, my husband and I invested in the entire month traveling a fair distance on a motorcycle. We truly enjoyed seeing such diverse landscaping, and experiencing very different environments. Living in the northeastern perhaps the country, we are accustomed to your flat landscape, lots of this tree trees, and humid summer weather. As we traveled, we experienced mountains and deserts, blazing sun and heavy rains. Traveling by motorcycle is pretty different than driving by auto. We were able to acquire a better feel for the surroundings, but we were also subjected to the weather. While we brought warm clothes for driving over the mountains, and rain suits with regard to bad weather, it was always a relief to locate a hotel for the night. After a full day of riding, it’s nice to get inside and have control above the climate. Most often, we were anxious to start up the air conditioner, take long shower, and enjoy a very soft bed. Since we were trying to keep costs as far as possible, not every hotel people chose offered luxury accommodations. Everyone slept on some lumpy a mattress, and dealt with low water pressure with the shower. Some of the air conditioners couldn’t match the heat, dripped water, or smelled type of moldy. Sometimes, the air conditioner would rattle and screech so loudly that is was difficult to sleep during the nighttime. About once a week, my spouse and i would splurge on a more expensive hotel, in order to revitalize. We’d take advantage of a laundry facilities, swimming pool, and revel in a properly working air conditioner together with shower.

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