Issues with the deep south

I recently took a much needed trip to visit my husband’s family in the deep south.  The two of us try to see them at least twice a year now that our family is growing as well as they have multiple up-to-date grandchildren.  It was early springtime here, so I packed some light clothing as well as a few light sweaters just in case there was a cold spell. I should not have uneasy about a chill in the air at all.  By the time all of us reached the lake house, I was perspiring through my clothes so bad that I had to change into another outfit. I had packed clothes that were much too heavy for the time of year, as well as I didn’t guess the warm season weather would be so hot already!  I was so thankful that my mother as well as father-in-law had a wonderful air conditioner plan throughout the house. The HVAC plan was quiet and delivered refreshing, cool air all day long. It was a trial to leave the house, even though all of us wanted to do a little sightseeing while we were all in town.  I told my husband that even though our warm seasons usually don’t get as hot as his parent’s weather, all of us should invest in the same HVAC system. It would make our warm season living experience so comfortable as well as refreshing in the hot, humid weather. They also have a heating feature on their system, however they do not use it nearly as much as all of us would use it in the northeast area of the country.  The two of us may be able to suffer through a hot warm season, however all of us could not live comfortably through a snowy Winter season with constant freezing cold temperatures!

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