Issues with our a/c device

There are a ton more complications that come from being a property manager than I assumed before I started renting out the other side of my duplex! I literally believed that all I would be forced to do was cash the rent payments at the end of every month plus that was that. But it is not like that in any way, plus I have to contend with the people in the other side of the duplex almost every single afternoon of the week. Was I this much of a pain in the butt when I used to rent a condo from someone else? First of all, these people act enjoy they live in an apartment structure when they occupy their side of the duplex. When you live in a duplex, you are expected to take care of your own things, including the air filters of your HVAC system. If I can handle my side of the duplex, you can handle yours, like switching out air filters. This is just the most basic of all jobs, because a dirty air filter results in higher utility bills plus decreased air quality. You certainly should not be informing your duplex owner on a weekend hoping for the your air filters to be switched out. You are a big boy! Do it yourself! Second of all, the same people hope to be reimbursed if they have to pay for a Heating plus Air Conditioning serviceman to service their heating or cooling. Why should I have to pay to fix your HVAC system if you are the one who broke the HVAC system? The next moment leases are due to be renewed, I am writing up a special clause in the contract about correct management plus maintenance of the central Heating plus Air Conditioning system of the duplex. If I don’t, then these AC complications will force me to sell my duplex and move in with my folks.

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